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Covid 19 has brought us a severe crisis worldwide. The local effects of the pandemic and other political instances have severely affected local businesses downtown Portland. We are part of those businesses.
We know what resilience is. We learn to endure the challenges of life with the best attitude possible and that reflects how we do business.
This current crisis has brought us the opportunity to restructure our business model without sacrificing flavors, giving place to   a new more sustainable  business. 
!Si del cielo caen limones, hay que aprender a hacer limonadas!
Street food is very common in Mexico. Everyday, everywhere you find a food street vendor coming into the neighborhoods in Mexico. We are not the exception here since it looks like a perfect fit for us now.
Revolucion Van  is the new “vehicle”,( literally), to connect us with you, our customers and new ones. We understand you can’t come to Revolucion Coffee House for now but Revolucion will go to you. yeah!
We will bring  our seasonal baked goods, empanadas and tamales as well as our most popular drinks to your neighborhood!
We will post on Friday evening  what neighborhood/route we will visit and the times. We will deliver previously made online orders and bring extra products in case you missed making an order and would like to buy extra goodies.
We really encourage you to make online orders so we can be prepared for the day.  
All items will be individually previously packed. Larger orders are welcome with at least 24 hours notification.