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REVOLUCION COFFEE HOUSE deeply appreciates your support for the past 6 years. As most businesses downtown Portland, we have been affected by this current crisis forcing us to make the necessary changes to adjust to the current needs and demands of our customers. We decided to close our doors to the public starting Monday, August 24th, for at least a couple of months so we can restructure our business.

We are modifying our current “in person” coffee business into a more sustainable platform. As we will temporarily close our doors to the public, we will continue working on exciting new ways of doing business with you.

We are very excited about the transition of business this current crisis has brought to us! Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to place a special order at CAFEGO app or directly in our shop page.

We will keep you posted with any exciting news on our Facebook and Instagram.


Maria Garcia


We’ll be back soon!

We are transitioning to a new business model due to COVID-19. Please call directly at to place an order. We will be launching exciting products online soon. Stay tuned!